It’s important that our clients walk away feeling great and thinking great things about their experience with Urban Kneads. Here are some of our 5-Star reviews from Google and Yelp!

“After looking all over for a massage therapist who would listen and address my aches and pains I found this place.  They have a number of locations (Alabama, San Felipe..) and they have many techniques:  Lymphatic, Cranio sacral, and Swedish as well as Hot stone and Deep tissue.  They will tailor your massage to your specific requests and needs.  All the therapists are well trained with many years of experience.  There’s also a skin care specialist affiliated with the group to round out their offerings.  This group is professional and talented with great hours and a variety of therapies and therapists.  If you want to experience excellence in massage, I highly recommend them.  You will feel restored and relaxed afterwards, just what everyone needs during the holidays!” – Georgia V. on Yelp!

“I love this place!  Great massages, great price and nice and clean!” – Joanne G. on Yelp!

“Here at Urban Kneads, the woman really seemed to listen. My boyfriend likes a firmer massage. Shea (my masseuse) was wooooonderful. She really was able to give me a nice, relaxing massage that loosened up my tight neck and back muscles due to a desk job while still using a soft, light touch. I was in heaven…” – Cassandra M on Yelp!

“My massage with Catherine was literally the best massage I have ever had (and I have massages fairly regularly). I have been having back and leg pain and for the first time, it went away. She was really able to work on my muscles deeply. I will be back!” – Sabrina P. on Yelp!

“Leslie is great.  I have a lot of problems with my upper back.  Her deep tissue massages really give me relief!” – Rebecca L. on Yelp!

“Lisa performed one of the best massages I have ever experienced.  She is very knowledgable and professional.” Karen W. on Google

“If you are in pain and in need of a therapeutic massage, this place has amazing therapists who are experts at their field. Every therapist I have seen has been very helpful at getting rid of the pain in my shoulders. They seem very knowledgable on areas of the body that cause the pain. This is not a spa where you go to relax and have a sauna. This is a place when you need relief. I’m so glad I found them!”Emily B. on Yelp!

“I had my first appointment with Lisa and it was a nice relaxed environment and I felt so calm and renewed after my appointment. With definitely be going back!” Kendahl A. on Google

“I have received Deep Tissue massages from several of the therapists and have been pleased every time. Denisse has been my therapist on multiple occasions and has provided exceptional service. She has worked out some of my most tense spots and is very intuitive about my needs. I have recently been receiving Ashiatsu massages from Catherine, she is a wonder! Ashiatsu is not for the faint of heart as it is intense in a wonderful way. Catherine bends me into a pretzel and uses her body weight to adeptly work on my very tense back. I recommend Denisse and Catherine as they are both exceptional massage therapists! Lifetime customer here!” Joy R. on Yelp!